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Divorce Mediation is an alternative process to the traditionally lengthy, adversarial, and costly litigation that oftentimes takes place when a couple divorces. Divorce Mediation is a process where you and your spouse, with the help of a Mediator, work out agreements on all of the issues you need to resolve so that the two of you can end your marriage amicably, within your complete control, and in a costefficient manner.

The Mediator is not the decision maker of your case, you and your spouse are. It is a Mediators job to assist a couple during all aspects of the decision making process to reach a realistic, practical and livable resolution of all issues, including, but not limited to:
  • Child Custody
  • Parenting Time Schedules
  • Alimony and Spousal Support
  • Division of property
  • Division of debts
A Divorce Mediator is neutral and doesn't "work" for either spouse. A Mediator cannot give legal advice to either party. A Mediator must remain neutral no matter what the situation.

A Mediator helps a divorcing couple to formulate ideas that can eventually lead to agreements that will work long-term a family. The open and free exchange of information frees up both spouses to negotiate with each other in confidence. The Mediation process usually takes far less time to negotiate a resolution that makes sense to both spouses.

How long a Mediation takes depends on what issues are to be resolved in the Mediation. Most importantly, the amount of time spent in mediation is contingent upon you and your spouse's willingness to come to agreements that are equitable for the both of you and your willingness to do what is in the best interests of your children. While Divorce Mediation is a powerful method to resolve all of the outstanding issues between spouses, it is not for every couple.

Please contact Carol Katz Sicheri, Esquire to find out if Divorce Mediation is a viable option for you and your spouse.